If you’re a fixer-upper-finder, or in search of the “hidden gem” in Burlington, Dynes is a neighbourhood you will want to watch closely.

5 things we love about

  • Blacktree. Burlington has its own artsy, innovative restaurant. The highly creative and "outside the box" chef changes the menu monthly.
  • Burlington Mall. The lesser-known, "underdog" mall has some shopping staples. Presently Homesense, Winners and Old Navy keep the parking lot full, but soon enough your favourite book store/coffee shop/toy store will be occupying Target’s old space… Yes let’s shed a little tear in remembrance.
  • Dynes is one of the most affordable neighbourhoods in Burlington, yet it's directly adjacent to 2 of the most expensive ones. You can easily just extend your walk onto the majestic streets in Roseland and pretend you live there.
  • A Farmer's Market. Throughout the summer, it's a weekend destination spot with hipster appeal.
  • Snugglebugz. Even if you don’t have small children and have no plans to conceive, this shop has you covered the next time a friend or relative is expecting. Why get Sophie at Babies R Us when you can spend $30 at the local baby boutique?
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*All statistical information has been derived from OMDREB (Jan 2017-Jan 2018). Neighbourhood value increases are based on the average calculated in 2016 for the same area.
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Dynes is one of Burlington’s more affordable neighbourhoods, but that certainly doesn’t mean the homes are “cheap.” You will find detached homes and split-level bungalows with big private yards, parking for multiple vehicles, and the kind of large trees that add character to any area. The buyers who are likely to consider purchasing a home in Dynes are: first time home buyers, those who are currently in a condo and want to move to a freehold detached home or people who have decided they want to downsize, liquidate some of their home equity, but still live in a safe and picturesque neighbourhood. If you’re a fixer-upper-finder, or in search of the “hidden gem” in Burlington, Dynes is a neighbourhood you will want to watch closely. Some simple tools turn these homes into something that those massive “tools”, The Property Brothers, would gush about. Dynes is also nicely positioned within the city. It’s basically right in the middle. That means everything within Burlington is a 10 minute drive or less. You can also walk to many local shops, restaurants, grocers, parks and the lake from Dynes. If you have children and purchase a home in Dynes you will send them to one of the following schools (unless you homeschool or have the means to send your kids to private school):

  • Ryerson Public Elementary School
  • Tecumseh Public Elementary School
  • Pineland Public Elementary School
  • Tom Thomson Public Elementary School
  • St Paul Catholic Elementary School
  • Nelson Public High School
  • Assumption Catholic Secondary School
For more detailed information on Burlington schools visit our schools page.

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