Best Schools in Burlington

Which neighbourhoods have the best schools in Burlington?

Dear Parents Letter

Which neighbourhoods in Burlington have the best schools?

Since we love creating top 5 lists, we decided to rank the top 5 neighbourhoods according to the schools they offer residents. Our list takes into consideration public, catholic, french, elementary and secondary options in each area.

  • 1


    ELEMENTARY: John T. Tuck, St. Paul, St. Raphael SECONDARY: Nelson, Assumption

  • 2

    Alton Village

    ELEMENTARY: Alton Village, St. Anne SECONDARY: Dr. Frank J. Hayden, Corpus Christi

  • 3

    The Orchard

    ELEMENTARY: John William Boich, Orchard Park, Alexander's, St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Christopher SECONDARY: Dr. Frank J. Hayden, Corpus Christi

  • 4


    ELEMENTARY: Canadian Martyrs, Dr. Charles Best SECONDARY: MM Robinson, Notre Dame

  • 5


    ELEMENTARY: Maplehurst, Glenview, Kings Road, Holy Rosary SECONDARY: Aldershot, Assumption

Catchment Areas Are Tricky!

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How Do Burlington Schools Rank in 2023?

Every year standardized tests are used to measure students in grades 3 and 6 in reading, writing and mathematics. When the results come in, each school is given a score out of 10. The “score” is the number of students out of 10 who are performing above the provincial average. Here are the most current results in Burlington listed in order of performance. There are many other ways to evaluate the suitability of a school for your children. We encourage you to visit schools in person, talk with parents, teachers and administrators. *In an effort to provide a more meaningful understanding of what Burlington schools have to offer we have gathered comments from parents and added them to each school’s page. Select the school name below to get great additional information including: parent comments, grades offered,French language immersion availability, ESL and special needs percentages, and the neighbourhood the school is in! Contact us today to help structure a search for your next home that will balance your education concerns along with your needs for a property.

“LOVE Canadian Martyrs. Very small school, wonderful teachers, and the principal is amazing. I have kids with specific learning needs and they have been very supportive and accommodating.”
-Parent, Canadian Martyrs

  • Neighbourhood: Palmer
  • Score: 8.6
  • French Immersion: No
  • Grades: Jk-5
  • EQAO Results:
  • School website: click here

“It’s a small school with a great culture. I can see the difference with my other kids schools and other schools they’ve been. I’m sure it all starts with the Principal. He is extremely involved, knows all kids by name, he participates in all activities. I know they’re well know because of their excellent kindergarten program. The girls have done JK SK and grade 1.”
– Parent of 2, Dr. Charles Best

“Both of my children went to John T Tuck from K-8. They had a great experience every year. Top notch staff who are caring and provide engaging lessons. Also the admin are always responsive and care about the whole community. Lots of sports and clubs offered. Fantastic big field and playground.”
-Parent of 2, John T Tuck

“Orchard Park Public School has been our home school community for five years. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences here. The quality of education has been high in both the English and French Immersion stream. The educators are knowledgeable, hardworking, empathetic, and really take the time to know their students and invest in not only their academic development but also their social-emotional well being. Our experiences with administration have always been very positive and professional. The school community is incredible. With continuous special events, we have become great friends with other OPP families, creating a small town feel. Our two children look forward to going to school every day and we are looking forward to our youngest beginning there in Fall 2023.”
Parent of 3, Orchard Park

“St. Anne is a wonderful school with caring staff who focus on inclusivity and kindness. My son is getting a wonderful education there and just loves going to school!”

– Parent of 1 child, St Anne


“St Raphael is a great school- the school community is tight knit, diverse, involved and supportive. Staff lead by example when it comes to important values like inclusivity and kindness.

Year over year, the school scores high on government required testing, but more importantly than that, there is focus on encouraging students to be leaders within their peer groups and the in the school community. A great example of this is the RAD ( Really Awesome Doings) program.

The only honest negative is that there is only a small amount of green space for play at recess.”

-Parent of 2, St. Raphael

“John William Boich has been a fantastic school for the past 5 years of our lives. Communication is key when it comes to parents feeling apart of their child’s school experience and that includes from the top down. The Principle and Vice Principle, to the teachers and then from the Office Administration has been excellent in many different scenarios. All 3 of my children have faced several different scenarios at this school and I’m impressed with the care and support that we have received throughout.”

-Parent of 3 at JWB

“They have great spirit days, sports clubs, band and leadership club (lots of different opportunities). It is welcoming, teachers are very nice -pizza, hot lunch, popcorn days -Great school community, inclusive (older grades helping younger grades so they know each other school-wide), school assemblies. Weekly newsletter, teacher updates, Google Classroom & Twitter to keep parents informed They have also done a lot of upgrades to the building and grounds lately (K area, natural features in field, painted games on sidewalk, etc).”

-Parent of 2, CH Norton

“Things we love: *Great support with SERTs *parent involvement (SHOJ has a lot of volunteers compared to other schools – but I think this is an economic thing too) *school activities *food programs *extracurricular programs *sports teams *uniform  (love having uniforms!!) *walk or bus to school from a certain location *French immersion program. Speaking as a non Catholic – it’s a big part of the school – yes you can go there if you are not Catholic – but I honestly wouldn’t recommend it – there are things like first communion and confirmation that (even though they can participate) they would feel left out.”

– Parent of 2, Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Sir E MacMillan is a small school – only 350 students from JK to Grade 8! It makes for a close-knit school community where the teachers know the students and their families well, and vice versa. I really like that it’s a K-8 school which means few transitions for the kids. And the staff is amazing- experienced and dedicated.”
-Parent, Sir E MacMillan

“We have been in this school community for 10 years. It truly is a wonderful community of amazing teachers, workers, students and parents. From day one, we have been welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. It is a smaller school (approx 300 students) which helps create an environment of acceptance. It is an ‘everyone knows everyone’ type of school. We have made so many amazing friendships throughout the years. So many exceptional teachers that help our kids grow and develop.”

– Parent of 2, St. Patrick’s Catholic Elementary School

“St Timothys is a very family and community oriented school in the headon Forest neighbourhood. Very involved with St. Paul’s church and the Notre Dame high-school through the park. Several sports and club opportunities at the school. We are very happy here:) ”
-Parent, St. Timothy’s

“BTL is an awesome school with caring staff. Their FI program is also great! The school has many fun activities for the children to engage in. Wonderful school.”

– Parent of 1, Bruce T Lindley

“We like that the school has French immersion and a strong community feeling. The parking can be challenging.”

-Parent of 2, Clarksdale

“I really liked FM. it’s a well appointed school in Millcroft with teachers who care and want to help kids succeed. Excellent music program and extra curriculars. And, in general, even the school board trustee and the director of education are approachable people. Curtis Ennis is the director and we met him this month. Took time to talk to parents and is genuinely interested in the kids’ futures.”

– Cara, parent of child at Florence Meares

“We are at FM and we love it. The best part about the school are the teachers and the special education team. I really feel like they care about the students and do everything in their power (within funding restraints) to help them meet their goals. I like how the focus is on the children as a whole and not just academics because social and emotional development is so important. They are also great at communication. Improvements: parking/drop off situation is awful. There is never any room in the parking lot, drop off and pick up takes forever unless you get there 20-30 mins early.”

– Parent of 2, Florence Meares

“The things I like about Central are the size, it’s a small school of about 350 kids. Lots of stability in the staff so that means they know most of the kids. With about 2 classes per grade the kids really know everyone in their grade. Parent council does an amazing job of organizing fundraising and bringing great additions to the school.”
– Parent of 2, Central

“We love Glenview. Teachers are warm and accessible. The kids definitely benefit from having a strong, active parent counsel and volunteers.”

-Parent of 2, Glenview

“We have had a great experience at Alexander’s. They teachers are excellent and my kids are happy there.”
– Parent of 2, Alexander’s

“Lakeshore Public School (K to 6) is the type of small community school where you will know or recognize most of the families.   The small school size often leads to split classes, especially in primary levels and single class per grade level, in the upper grades. Currently there are a number of dedicated staff who work hard to provide a diverse variety of extracurricular activities.

Lakeshore PS is the heart of the greater Lakeshore community which fought for its survival in the early 2000s. The community has maintained a small town vibe with things like neighbourhood watch, kids playing freely in the parks or riding their bikes through the streets.”
-Parent of 1, Lakeshore PS

“Pauline Johnson is a small school with a lot of heart! The things I love most about PJ are how active the parent community is and the teaching staff are some of the most caring individuals around. PJ also currently has an amazing principal who cares about the community so deeply. He is always available if you have a question or concern. The kids adore him, he knows how to have fun! As a parent, I know the teachers and all of the staff are looking out for my kids. Everyone knows each others names and all of the grades mingle with ease. The close knit community is very warm and welcoming. We love PJ!”

– Parent of 3, Pauline Johnson

“The majority of teachers are nice and responsive for the most part. My child loves the intramurals that the school runs. The parent council is keen to take on a larger role in the school activities. An improvement would be more admin support for the parent council’s proposed initiatives.”

– Parent of 1 child, St Christopher

“We are at PAF and love it. I grew up in the area and it was the school I went to. The school is small, the staff is amazing, great principal. It is easy to meet parents and everyone is so friendly. There is a great sense of community in the school as well. I couldn’t imagine my kids going anywhere else.”

-Parent, Paul A Fisher

“What I like about St. John’s is that it is a very small school and there is a lot of community in that school. The teaching staff are top notch and really drive home the aspect of kindness and inclusivity. As of right now, there’s nothing really that I wouldn’t say I would change or that I for see as an issue.  It’s just a really, really great school. The teaching staff are amazing, the admin team are amazing. And so far all of the children that attend that school have a very great support system, because it reflects on their interactions with one another. Be sure to look up the parents’ group for the school on Facebook to connect!”
– Parent, St. John’s

“Just parent of grade 2 student at St. Mark. The teachers and principal are all very supportive in trying to help support kids’ learning needs. The one thing that needs to improve, which really isn’t the schools fault, is more before/after school care spots. The YMCA program is beyond competitive even applying the day registration opens.”

-Parent of 1, St. Mark’s


“Our family has been a part of the St Pauls community since 2018 . Both our children started their education there and we have been more than pleased. St Paul’s is a small, community based, family oriented school where u feel welcomed. The educators and staff take the time to get to know all the children by name and it really makes you feel a part of something.  The educators are always open to conversation and will find the time to resolve any issues or concerns. My children have enjoyed their schooling thus far and look forward to going to school on a daily basis.”

– Parent of 2, St. Paul

“When my wife and I went to see Tom Thomson and met with the principal which was Mr. Morassut at the time, the school just felt right.  Our daughter was going into SK and after our tour and meeting we left feeling even more positive.  Our daughter’s experience the entire time even through Covid was great.  The teachers she had during on line learning were very prepared/organized and because of this she blended in right away once classes resumed for in class learning.
The school has a very small community feel and because of my flexible work schedule I was able to volunteer a lot of my time there.  It was great being around our daughter and watch her participate in many of the activities.  I got to know every teacher at the school because of my parent volunteer participation.  Our daughter is now in Grade 8 at Burlington Central and I still continue to lunch supervise on occasion at Tom Thomson.  Great teachers, learning environment and school!
You wont be disappointed,
Paul Smith”

“I currently have 3 children attending this school. They have each been there since their JK year so we’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the teachers who are all wonderful. The administrative team is also great, promoting and fostering a well rounded academic program and providing the school community lots of opportunity to engage in school life both in and out of the class. Our experience has been overall great!”
-Parent of 3
Kids ages: grade 6, grade 3, grade 3

“My daughter has attended Rolling Meadows Public School for five years now. She absolutely loves the school and the staff. Her teachers are a great encouragement and the academic program is also great. Would love to see more extra curricular activities offered.”

– Parent of 1 child, Rolling Meadows

  • Neighbourhood: Brant Hills
  • Score: 5.9
  • French Immersion: No
  • Grades: Jk-8
  • EQAO Results: click here
  • School website:

“I love that it’s a small community and the teachers really get you know their students while they are there. My girls went from JK to grade 8 there. There is a new principal who is great. I also loved the parent involvement. Brant hills has a very active parent council and they run amazing things in the school from the Christmas Bazaar to the spring fair and many other fundraisers. It’s a great school to be part of.”

– Parent, Brant Hills Public School

“Kings Road is a wonderful school. We love the sense of community the small school has to offer. There are some spectacular teachers there and the kids really grow up together.”
-Parent of 1, Kings Road

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Private Schools

For those who have the resources, there are plenty of excellent private schools options in Burlington as well. Fern Hill, Glenn Arbour Academy, Halton Waldorf School, Burlington Christian Academy, Fairview Glen Montessori, Burlington Montessori, Blyth Academy Burlington

French Immersion

In Burlington, French Immersion is a popular choice. In the catholic board French Immersion is a lottery system starting in Grade 1. Those selected randomly, would attend Sacred Heart of Jesus (Millcroft). In the public system FI starts in Grade 2 and is offered at: Maplehurst, Tom Thomson, Pineland, Charles R. Beaudoin, Rolling Meadows, Orchard Park, John William Boich, Clarksdale, Bruce T. Lindley and Alexander’s.

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