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Named the Best Community in Canada by Maclean’s Magazine in 2019! Explore Burlington neighbourhoods, family stories, best schools and homes for sale. Then contact us for your personal tour of the city!

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Dear Future Burlington Homeowner,

The commute is real. You just might end up buying a minivan.
But you will also get that backyard…

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Family Stories

Hear directly from families who have already made the move to Burlington. What were their concerns? Has anything surprised them about living here? And what are their favourite hangouts in Burlington now?

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Do you want to live by the lake? Is walking to shops and restaurants important to you? Or are you more concerned with having space for your children to play? Every Burlington neighbourhood has its perk.

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Schools in Burlington

Are there really any bad schools in Burlington? We don’t think so, but you can learn more here about each school, how it’s ranked and where the “best schools” are located.

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I Need to Break Up With Toronto And Just Hook Up With It On Weekends

Read this, and other articles about life in Burlington, the real estate market, and additional matters of interest to buyers considering a move to Burlington.

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If you’re thinking about selling, put your home in our hands. No one transforms a property better than we do. Your home will feel like it belongs in a magazine by the time we’re done.

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Erin Hayes, Julie Belanger and Kim Bingle are Your Burlington Neighbourhoods Team. Let us help you Make Burlington Home.

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When it comes to Burlington, we know the best spots, the varying neighbourhoods and where your family will love to hang out. We are moms. We live here, work here and play here. And we love sharing our knowledge, not only real estate based, but everything there is to know about Burlington.

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