Dear Buyer,

We are so glad you found our website and hope you find it a valuable resource as you consider making a move to Burlington.

We realize that contemplating the unknown comes with as many concerns as daydreams. So, this site has been designed to both answer your questions and paint a picture of what your life might look like if you lived here.

But first, a few “truths”…

#1 The commute is real. If you plan to keep your Toronto job, 2 hours a day listening to a podcast is probably in your future.

#2 You will visit your friends in Toronto more than they will visit you in Burlington. Unless you get a pool.

#3 If you have kids and you’re making this move for them, there is a good chance there is also a minivan purchase on the horizon.

If you can accept all of this, then you can also start dreaming about the backyard.

The backyard…

The place you can send your kids to play by themselves. The place they can kick a ball, and chase each other, and hide in the bushes.

The place where you will finally be allowed to have your own barbecue, a hot tub, and play your music at an audible level.

This place will become your sanctuary, your retreat, your oasis.

And of course, this is just one reason to consider Burlington.

As you explore our site we hope you’ll fall in love, just as we have. And when you do, please give us a call, so we can help you take the next step to making Burlington HOME.

Your Burlington Neighbourhoods Team

Erin, Julie and Kim

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