Dating in High School

I never had a high school prom date. In fact, I'd never had any kind of date in all of high school.

It wasn't like I was waiting for some knight in shining armour to appear with a rose and kiss my hand- I'd been crazily proactive on the romance front!! I fell in love with the boy I sat beside in 9th grade science class- he was such a gentleman, and had an accent so sexy he made me melt.

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I forced my parents to wake up an hour earlier every week day and take me to school so I could sit outside the science classroom waiting for this boy to appear sometimes he showed up before class started, and god forbid I miss an opportunity to talk to him!

I found out he was a swimmer, and so I joined the swim team so I could see him topless. Fat lot of good that did me, I was so nearsighted I could barely even recognize him without my glasses at all the swim practices.

I wanted to manufacture excuses to spend more time with him, so I asked him to do an extra-curricular science project with me, and made sure we had to work on it every day after school.

He sat behind me in 11th grade math class, and I spent the entire class looking angling my calculator so I could see his reflection on it's solar battery panels.

I cornered him at his locker after class and hugged him for five minutes every day before going home.

Had I made it obvious enough that I liked him?!?! I thought so. The fact that he never asked me out must have been because I was such a nerd (and a crazy stalker).

So. by the time graduation rolled around, I thought I'd try one last time. I casually ran into him, and asked "hey by the way, are you going to prom?"

"No- I don't dance."

And that was it. All my high school dreams, dashed with one casual remark.

There's a surprise twist to this story.

I married that boy I met in 9th grade science class. And oh boy, did I ever make him dance. He and I danced down the aisle together on our wedding day, and finally, seven years after prom, he took me to my med school graduation ball, and we danced the night away.

He's the hunky guy in the front row, second to the left wasn't he so worth my four years of pinning away in high school?!!

When we came back from prom grad ball, we finished off my dream night with a dream milkshake.

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