Two weeks from now will mark the start of finals week here at Oklahoma State. In the mean time, I, along with most other students, will be doing a lot of reading. Personally, I will not have any time to read anything else besides my textbooks. But, as soon as this semester is over and winter break is upon us, I will definitely be spending my free time with a good book.

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Turns out, my love for reading could actually be making me a better writer! This is wonderful considering my major involves a large amount of writing. At least that is what Twilight author Stephanie Meyer said.

Not only will it improve my writing skills, but there are also many other benefits of reading for leisure. It really challenges the reader's mind to think creatively, which makes that person much more interesting.

I can't wait to sell my textbooks and buy books I will actually enjoy to read over the break. Looks like I will be going to a Barnes and Noble in the near future.

Have a great week and read a book!

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