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So, of all the major life decisions, not to mention the minor day to day ones, now you need to figure out what is the best dog shampoo to get for your ever so lovable Rover. Well, it would seem that this is your lucky day, as I'm about to let you know. HydraPlex makes a great dog shampoo, that does everything a good shampoo for your dog should do, plus a few more things. It's a terrific moisturizer, gives your pets coat a brilliant shine, and helps the skin by feeding it. It's a premium product, so it's not exactly cheap, but I figure if your going to be doing the shampooing your self, then it's still a lot cheaper than paying a professional groomer

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Our puppy always great when she comes back from the groomer, but it costs an arm and a leg it seems. It would make sense to use a dog groomer only when absolutely, and then doing a good shampoo and bathing yourself. Even if you alternated between you doing the work and the groomer, you save quite a bit, and probably have a happier dog. In spite of how wonderful our groomer is, our little girl is still not all that keen on going there. I think you may even find that it's kind of fun washing your own dog. Sure your going to get a bit wet, but that's all part of the fun.

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