Keystone Principle #11: Be Thyself

Today's quick lesson is so simple, but yet so profound at the same time. It just makes sense, is the best way to say it! But I call it, be thyself. And there is a story behind this that I want to tell you quickly about, and how relates to business entrepreneurship, to your life, and to your goals.

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But first ask yourself, how often in your life do you feel like you're just playing roles? Roles that maybe you're not really comfortable in, and maybe it's because that's what you're supposed to do? Because that's just the way it is, as most people say?

But the story is this: about two summers ago I was at my in-laws. They have a beach house that they rent every summer for a couple weeks, and we we're up there with the kids (I have two little boys and actually at the time I had only one little boy up there. Theyre now almost 3 and 1.) Anyway, we we're up there and I was outside with my son, and there was this older gentleman outside that had lived next to that house that they rented in New Hampshire his whole life. He had his hat on, and it just had two words: TIS THYSELF.

It was really kind of cool because it was so simple, and you could tell he was probably in his 90s, full of lot of wisdom, happy, just hanging out sitting outside on his chair, enjoying the nice day. And I got talking to him for little bit, and he talked about his grandkids, and his wife who had passed, and his life and stuff like that. But I always notice and love how folks who have lived awhile not everybody, but seems to be a lot of them they seem to just be okay with everything as it is, including themselves, most importantly. He just had a calmness about him, and as we parted ways I noticed his hat as I walked away again just thinking to myself, tis thyself, it's so true.

And I think it's a great lesson to apply to you and your business, or the pursuit of business success. This one took a while for me to get, because there are so many influences out there so many people telling you a certain way to be but the bottom line is, once you start coming from a place of being who you really feel that you are, you start to attract the right people for your business, your product, or services; you start attracting right employees, the right partners; you start to create content like I'm doing here, that just exudes from you and comes from a natural place. It becomes aligned with who you are, and in another sense you can repel the wrong people, instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Youre just being yourself, and you discover naturally that some people are going to like your style, some people arent. Some people are going to like the way my voice sounds, some people arent, and that's the whole reason they're not going to want to learn from me. Or maybe they like the way I look or how I teach it doesn't matter. The point is, just be yourself and the right people will resonate with you.

And, at the end of the day, you're going to enjoy your business and the process so much more! Thats probably the greatest thing about all this, that you just enjoy everything that much more. Business should be fun it should not be a hard thing or a hassle. So be yourself tis thyself as they say and I'm going to go see if I can find myself one of those hats.

Until next time, I will talk to you later! And please, send me your comments, opinions, feedback, and I'll get back to you.

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