Challenges We Have Met

MCG/Healthcare people are engaged in a wide variety of physician and executive compensation assignments throughout the U.S. Here are a few examples.

In the Southeast

MCG/HealthCare is developing a unique deferred compensation plan for physicians involved in a PPO that is jointly owned by the physicians and a large health system. The deferred compensation element is part of a full benefits plan to be offered to the PPO physicians and their office staffs.

In the Northeast

A rapidly growing PPO, linked to a major tertiary hospital, has added a very successful HMO plan which is attracting additional hospitals and physicians as owners. MCG/ HealthCare is tailoring a compensation plan for the organization's senior executives that involves phantom stock,incentive-based benefits and other creative reward systems.

In the Midwest

A major multi-hospital system is getting a new MCG/HealthCare-designed compensation plan involving deferred compensation and benefits for trustees.

As members of a tertiary hospital's management negotiation team, MCG/HealthCare people are helping to develop a new governance and management structure that will facilitate acquisition of a 108-physician multi-specialty clinic. The assignment includes developing an acquisition proceeds deferral plan for involved physicians and a new physician compensation and benefits plan.

Subsequent to their recent merger, two hospital associations implemented retention incentive agreements for key executives and a compensation and benefits plan for the newly combined association, both designed by MCG/HealthCare.

Two assignments from a major Catholic hospital draw on MCG/HealthCare design support in the development of an acquisition plan for an 18-member cardiovascular surgeons group, with a benefits plan to follow; also, anew compensation and benefits plan for a 72-physician primary care network.

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