Buckey Got Adopted!

"He is a great listener. He totally understands commands. He is so awesome!"

This was a text I got from Alex, Buckey's new mom after her first night with him. Their meeting was nothing but an example of pure kismet. Saturday was ASPCA and Broward County Humane Society's first ever adopt-a-thon. We we're hesitant on attending as Buckey doesn't love being around a lot of dogs, but with the encouragement of Rachel, HSBC Foster Coordinator, we decided to give it a chance. In typical Buckey fashion, he was not a fan of the event and was on edge around the dogs available for adoption. We took him to the perimeter of the event for him to feel comfortable and that's where we hung out for the next two hours. We watched as dog after dog was admired, taken for walks and adopted. No onegave Buckey a second glance. We decided to call it a day. Just as we we're headed back to the car we heard the loudest, "Oh my gosh. Who is this adorable guy." Waitare they talking about Buckey? Could someone finally see the beauty and love that is this little guy?

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That's when we met Alex. Alex was looking for an older dog,a dog that played but wasn't overly hyper and a dog who was happy being the only dog in the house. Buckey was looking for someone who loved to cuddle, didn't mind his seizure disorder and wanted to shower him with love. They we're a perfect match and it really was love at first sight. Did I mention Alex also had a ferret names Bonkie? Pure kismet.

We took Buckey over for a meet and greet and he was immediately comfortable. He was having a great time exploring his new environment. He played with the ball, rolled around on the floor and checked out his new brother Bonkie. Hollie and I knew that Buckey found his forever family. He was home.

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