The second installment to the Amazing Spider-Man reboot - Review

The second installment to theAmazing Spider-Man reboot was no doubt one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But when this movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone hit thepublic, the reviews did not follow the hype around it. The blockbuster received just a 53% Critics disliked the packed storyline and drew far to many similarities to the Spider Man 3 bust of 2007. Even most fans agreed that Marc Webb the director attempted to just do too much.

I believe the critics are wrong. Not that the storyline was indeed tight with plot lines, because it was, but that the movie was not a bad movie like critics claim.

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The reason I say this is because I look at movies not how "badly" a movie was done, but how I feel during the movie and even after. The reason I pay money to go to the movie theater is because I love the movie theater experience. The action, the romance, just the feel of sitting in a dark room and watching a visual spectacle. Spider-Man 2 delivered on all categories. First, the visual effects we're spectacular. Jamie Fox's Electro brought an incredible display of colors and movement that captivates the imagination. Though the movie feels animated, the effects lead to a more old school comic book feel, which looked stunning. The soundtrack follows the action very good as well. Hans Zimmer the mind behind the music delivers a score that denotes power and electricity, that not only captures the flow of the action around it, it captures the very characters it represents. Also,Spider-Manbrings quite a bit at the emotional level.Spider-Man as a character is very emotional, which is his trademark as a superhero with real life traits and problems. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone provide thiswith very strong acting.The relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy isboth romantic and funny, and Garfield and Stone convey this relationship with tremendous chemistrythat only comes from a real life relationship.

All in all this movie will make you laugh and even make you cry. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not be the greatest in the critics mindset, but it is no doubt one of the most emotionally impacting and fun movies to watch of the year.

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