Empowering yourself

By Empowering yourself and valuing your own self-worth you disarm bullies. Stand up and do not be a victim RECOGNIZE that you are special and do not believe what the bullies say about you. They do not come from a place of love.

Bullying is an affliction of today's society. There are people out there who satisfy their own shortcomings by picking on those of others. It is not a pretty practice, but, unfortunately, it is fairly common. More so in the lives of adolescents, maybe, but prevalent in many adult circles too. So how can they be beat at their own game? By not allowing them to win.

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Why they Bully

We can take many lessons of preservation from the wild. A simple show of fear can turn any animal on the attack. Allowing a person to know that they have found the one button to push that may create a response seems to be reason enough for them to return to that action. It is important to remember that many people who choose to highlight those shortcomings have plenty of their own. After all, no one is perfect. Keeping that thought prominent during an uncomfortable situation could create personal strength.

What Could Help

What many bullies are searching for is a reaction. Once that reaction is found, they know they have a cause to pursue. If they are allowed to think that something has an effect, they are more likely to use it to their advantage. Keeping a straight face and a strong posture could give them a different reaction. It is not always possible to be strong on the outside while suffering in silence on the inside, but in the case of a bully it is imperative. In many situations, simply walking away will do the trick. Removing the situation could remove the power that the bully thought they would have.

In the case of adolescents, it is often our first reaction to ask them to turn the bully over to the authorities. Many people are apprehensive to do this because it puts them in an even more uncomfortable position. There is a societal dogma encircling that action in both adult and adolescent circles. It has to be heavily considered as an option, but many will choose to handle the situation on their own. If an observer would speak out, there is a large chance that the bully will be appropriately reprimanded and the victim will be saved the embarrassment of turning them over to the powers that be.

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