Seven Reasons to List Your Home During the Winter

Holding off on listing your home until the spring? You aren’t alone. Many home owners wait until the weather warms up before they take the first steps towards making a move. Although spring is traditionally the busiest time of year in the real estate market, don’t overlook the advantages of listing your home early. In fact, putting your home on the market during the winter can offer some surprising advantages for sellers. Here’s why you should consider putting your home on the market this winter:

  • Winter buyers mean business. No one goes out into the freezing cold to look at homes unless they are serious about making a purchase. Winter buyers are more committed to buying a home, and are ready to put in a strong offer when the right home comes on the market. Expect fewer showings with more qualified buyers.
  • There are fewer listings to compete with. During the busy season, you may be competing with a handful of similar listings in your immediate area. During the winter, active listings are few and far between and buyers are much easier to impress.
  • Many people take advantage of the holidays to look for a new home. Families with busy schedules or those who are relocating to a new city understand that finding time to search for a home can be difficult. If buyers have a few weeks off during the holidays, you can expect them to be actively searching for a new home.
  • The New Year inspires people to think about moving. The New Year represents a fresh start and inspires everyone to consider their goals for the upcoming twelve months. For this reason, there is a noticeable increase in real estate transactions following the first week of January.
  • Even if you complete the sale while the snow is flying, you may not need to move until the spring. Expect sellers to ask for a 60-90 day closing date. A January sale could result in a convenient move in March or April
  • Selling now puts you in a terrific position to capitalize on the spring market as a buyer. If you absolutely need to sell before you buy, this is the right time to do it. There will be an increase in brand new listings for you to browse in the spring, and the firm deal on your current home will let you know exactly how much equity you have to purchase a new place.
  • The condition of your landscaping will have little impact on buyers at this time of year. If your garden has gotten out of control or you haven’t bothered to plant anything at all, selling in the winter will work to your advantage.

Inventory remains quite low in the Burlington real estate market, and it’s likely that there are many qualified buyers with their eye on your area. If your plan for the New Year includes a new home, contact Erin Hayes today get started.

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