Why Buying a Home Over the Holidays is a Secretly Genius Idea

We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out on this one. The holiday season is the most underrated time to buy a home. But, we don’t want everyone else to know that, so let’s keep this information between the two of us. 

It’s true! If you play your cards right in December and January, you may get more house for less money, and close the deal in less time than you would during the Spring months. 

And just so you don’t think we’re just drunk on rum and eggnog, here are the reasons why:

Everyone Else is Waiting For the Spring

What if you could just do away with all those other pesky home-buyers that you usually compete against? You can by looking for a home when nobody else is out there. 

That means the market is all yours, and you’re going to get direct access to some motivated sellers. And the numbers don’t lie. 

The Canadian Real Estate Association reported that: 

  • Canada’s average home sale price was $405,233 in December of 2014 (the supposed worst time to buy). 
  • That number rose to $448,862 in April (the supposed best time to buy)

This is because most people wait for the Spring to sell their home, so a lot of what you will see listed comes from people who can’t wait that long. They need to sell their house ASAP. Maybe they have to move because of a new job. Or maybe their house has simply been on the market too long.

In either case, you’re going to encounter people who very much want to sell their home, and would love to have this off their plate before the start of the new year. You’re less likely to get into a bidding war against another party, and more likely to get the house, price and conditions you want.

The Holidays are Also The Best Time to Sell a Home

Tap into the psychology of a buyer. The calendar will roll over on Jan 1st, but the new year really starts on Boxing Day. People start to make vague promises for the New Year like trying Crossfit, or giving up midday drinking. But they also start thinking about bigger things like buying a new home.

People are never really disinterested in the housing market. So if you can present the right home and the right price to someone who is in a looking-ahead-headspace, you’re going to tap into something special. And that something may sell your house faster than if you would have waited until the Spring.

Get a New Home for Christmas

Take a break from getting a shopping cart in your achilles tendon while trying to grab the last Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Get the deal you really want and find a new home in Burlington.

Trust us when we say you want to live in Burlington over the holidays. We were recently named the #1 medium-sized city in Canada, for the 4th straight year! 

Click here to contact us to ask us any questions, or find out what’s available in Burlington right now!

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