I Don’t Want to Commit to Toronto. I Just Want to Get Drunk and Hook Up With It.

Your relationship with Toronto doesn’t need to be serious. You can just have some drinks and hook up every now and then.


There’s a massive myth that you need to live in Toronto to have fun there. Not true. You can have all the milk you like, without having to buy the cow.


Many people are much happier living in a more affordable neighbouring community, and traveling into the city when they feel like a night out.


Tourists Have More Fun


Torontonians love big events like Nuit Blanche or TIFF… But so do tourists. And they may have a better experience.


When you live in Toronto, you feel the whole city slow down during a large event. Take the Pan Am games for example. The TTC urged city residents to travel during “off times,” and allow more time for their daily commutes to work. And it sucked. At the same time, drivers cursed the newly hated HOV lanes.


Whereas, many from just outside the city took a Go Train into Toronto, had their fun, and left the chaos behind at night. With no delayed commute to work the day.


Tourists Have More Money


Yes, Toronto is fun. But that fun isn’t free. You pay a premium price to live in a premium city.


In fact, Notable Life recently ran a fantastic piece to illustrate the minimum amount of money a young professional needs to live in Toronto.


“So, assuming you’re paying your standard Ontario taxes, you need to make a minimum of $38K a year to even have a dollar left in your account at the end of the month.”


And their calculations don’t include things like childcare, a car, clothing, or student loan payments. Ouch.


So you’re far better off to live in a more affordable area, with a lower cost of living. Now you have more disposable income to have fun; in or out of the city.


Find the Right Fit


Trust us, Toronto is cool with keeping it casual. No need to lock yourself into anything long-term. Consider living a short drive away in an exciting and thriving city like Burlington.


It offers access to a lot of things Toronto doesn’t have. Residents enjoy easy access to golf, beautiful Niagara, and one of the only developed waterfronts in the GTA.


Money Sense magazine recently named Burlington the #1 mid-sized city in Canada.


For a closer look at what Burlington has to offer, watch this short video.

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