Why the Holidays are Secretly the Best Time to Buy Your Next Home

Psst. The spring season isn’t actually the best time to buy or sell a home. So, while you’re touring the streets of Alton Village or The Orchard looking at Christmas displays, keep an eye out for “For Sale” signs too.

December and January is actually an incredible time to buy and sell. But don’t tell anyone else that.

Everyone waits for the spring. Everyone thinks you’d have to be crazy to buy or sell over the winter. Which is really good news for those of us who know better…

December is Made for Home Buyers

You’re going to find some very motivated sellers this time of year. It’s time to cash in.

Houses on the market at this point likely fall into one of two big categories:

  • They’ve been on the market for a while
  • They’re being sold in a hurry because of a life-changing event, like a new job, a new baby, or a divorce.

Either situation puts you in an amazingly advantageous position. Last year, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported that Canada saw an average home sale price of $405,233 in December of 2014. They also reported that number rose to $448,862 in April.

So close Amazon.ca and check out these Burlington homes for sale.

January is Made for Home Sellers

Even though the calendar rolls over on January 1st, the New Year really starts on Boxing Day. We’re all pretty much done with the year at that point, and immediately start thinking about what’s ahead.

If you’re selling your home, you can use this to your advantage by tapping into the psychology of a buyer. They may say they’re going to start looking at houses in the spring, but they 100% already are. And they’re very likely to jump on a good deal now, because they feel like they’re getting in ahead of everyone else.

You’re also going to see a lot less competition this time of year. Those motivated buyers who had a life-changing event are now all yours. You can get a higher price and close the deal in record time.

Again, nobody seems to know this. Let’s keep this between us, OK?

Now Combine Those Two Facts

Holy Hell, imagine buying a house in December and selling only a couple weeks later in January! It’s aggressive, but if you take advantage of the trends we listed above, and don’t mind doing a bit of leg work over the holidays, it’s completely doable.

You could potentially save thousands, capitalizing on the high motivation of sellers still listed during the holiday season and then take advantage of the irrepressible enthusiasm of Buyers who thought they would wait for a Spring Market but are actually ready to buy in January. While everyone else is bidding against each other in April, you’ll already be settled into your new home.

Looking to Move to Burlington in 2016?

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Canada AM real estate expert Sandra Rinomato has said that condos don’t really follow seasonal patterns for real estate. So you could sell your Toronto condo at any time.

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