Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

It’s the end of January and something is happening in the Burlington housing market. A house lists in an afternoon and is sold by night fall. A private evening showing with my client is attended by 5 other realtors and their clients also. No offers until Tuesday! “I must inform you, you will be one of 15 presenting tonight.”

I’m a realtor. So, in March, I essentially tell my family that I love them and ask them to try to remember me as I was before the spring selling season. There is no doubt that springtime is the most popular time to list a home. However, it’s not the only time to do it!

This January’s craziness is a perfect example of why listing in the winter can pay off big. “Wait until the Spring to sell” is simply an engrained mantra and can sometimes be a mistake. My advice for 2020, consider listing this winter.

If this recommendation seems to belie logic, read on for our explanation.

Holiday Togetherness

The end of December brings with it a lot of family togetherness. The regular grind is on pause for a lot of people. They have time to sit, and think, and talk with their spouses, family and friends about changes they might want to make in the new year. And when they start flirting with the idea of moving, they want to see houses… right away. 

Buyers are Motivated By Life Changes 

You’re also going to see a lot of motivated buyers in the winter who don’t have time to screw around. They don’t want a new house. They need one.

January is widely regarded as ‘Divorce Month’ and it has been estimated that as many as 20% of all divorces are filed in January. This means you will encounter a lot of people making big lifestyle transitions, as well as suddenly-single parent families looking for a fresh start.

Let’s also not forget that January is the ‘most popular month for job changes.’ This is the time where a lot of companies have freshly topped-up budgets and add new staffers. You’re going to get people who are relocating to start new jobs and need a new home ASAP.

Low Inventory

If you consider selling in January or February you will be a trend setter. The inventory is extremely low in these months and buyers are fighting for scraps. If you have a house that presents nicely and is priced accurately, you’re going to do well.

You might think, why wouldn’t these buyers just wait for the spring? Wait for inventory to pick up? Well, a couple reasons: Visiting a perfect house is often a lot like “checking out” a puppy. People don’t just walk away. 

Also, as was explain earlier, the buyers out in the winter are serious. They aren’t just out for a Sunday drive. You won’t get as many people looking at your home. But when you turn all those lights on for a showing, it will be worth it.

If someone is in your house, they’re very serious about buying it. This often means a faster sale, with less negotiation.

Showcasing Your Home’s Coziness

It’s entirely possible that your home actually looks better over the winter.

Sure, the spring and summer seasons give you the chance to greet would-be buyers and open-housers with a lush green yard. But winter showings really put the focus on how warm, cozy and homey your house can be. 

Imagine people coming out of the cold and being greeted with things like lit fireplaces, heated tile floors, and comfy couches accessorized with plush throws and pillows. This can really pack a lot of wow factor into the first impression.

This is also where a double garage can really stand out, as you sell the fact that you can skip having to brush off and enter a freezing cold car in the morning.

Highlight Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency

Let’s be honest, our hydro bills are monthly slaps to the face over the winter.

We would love to say that we want energy-efficient homes because we’re wonderful human beings trying to save the planet. But a lot of us are just tired of holding our breaths before we open utility bills. 

This is where energy-efficient doors, windows, and appliances are really showcased. After people step into your warm and lovely home, be sure to mention how little it costs to keep it that way.

Thinking About a Move This Winter?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home this winter, we can help!

Just because you’re a motivated buyer or seller, doesn’t mean you should have to settle for less than what you want.

Let us show you what’s possible in Burlington today!

It’s likely you don’t know what your home is worth is right now. Things are changing too fast. If you would like to chat about what’s happening in the Burlington housing market or get a FREE evaluation of your home, contact us and we will make time for you.

Erin Hayes
Sales Representative 
RE/MAX Edge Realty Inc. Brokerage

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