Is the Back-to-School Routine Making You Hate Your Home?

Has this house always been this small?

It’s funny what the summer months can do to your perception of things. The kids are out of school. Your life is all about day trips, camps, soccer/baseball games or the cottage. You may spend very little time in the actual house.

But now it’s September. You’re all back under the same roof and thrown back into a daily routine of competing for the bathroom and an assembly-line for bento-box lunches.

Now, your living space is feeling less spacious and you’re wondering if you’ve outgrown your home. Is it time to upgrade?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

How Much Longer Can The Kids Share a Bedroom/Bathroom?

Families grow. It’s what they do. It’s sort of their thing. It’s annoying.

Whether you’ve just added a new member of the family, or your kids are now growing at a mutant-level pace, you’ll find yourself needing more space, sooner versus later.

Even siblings who love each other and get along(ish) can only share a bedroom for so long.

This is the time of year where things may get really competitive for the bathroom. Teenagers care more about their appearance with each year, so you can tack on another 10 minutes for bathroom-preparation-time, per teenage year.

How much would an extra bedroom and bathroom add to your quality of life? Maybe it’s time to take a look at what it would cost to lessen the stress in your house.

Where Are We Going to Put All This Stuff?

Families accumulate stuff. It’s another annoying thing they do. When you have kids, you start to identify more and more with the people on “Hoarders.”

New school years typically cause an influx of new stuff, as kids take up new hobbies or pastimes. Bikes, Christmas decorations, snowboards and hockey equipment can take over your space in a hurry. Pretty soon you have a closet that the kids aren’t allowed to open anymore because of falling debris.

Sounds like it’s time to consider something with a bigger basement or garage.

Why are We So GD Far From School/Work?

Maybe you bought the house to be close to work, before you had kids. Or maybe you bought to be close to schools before you started this job.

In either case, you’re so over commuting. You’re really starting to notice a lot of wasted time and energy going into travel.

You’ve done the math. The time you spend driving could be an extra episode of Ozark at night. And you want that time back.

If you read that whole section, chances are good it resonates because you need a new neighbourhood.


Is it Time to Leave The City?

You thought you would try giving your kids the city life. You thought, more time with you was more important than having a place for your kids to play outside. Now you’re not so sure. Your family is growing and a condo with an extra bedroom is not the answer. You need more living space. It’s time to get yourself something with a nice big backyard, a patio and a really kick-ass BBQ. There comes a time when your family and your lifestyle outgrows Toronto.

If you’ve ever wondered what the money you’re spending on a condo can get you outside of Toronto click here and find beautiful Burlington homes for sale. 

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