Why You’ll Want to Be in Burlington for the Next 25 Years

Mayor Rick Goldring recently unveiled a 25-year plan for Burlington at his State of the City Address 2016.

From what we’ve seen, the plan gives our current residents even more reasons to take pride in our city, while giving plenty of reasons for newcomers to make Burlington their home.

Here are just a few of the things the city plans on doing between now and 2040.

More Jobs

The City is very literally making room for more jobs. They’re focused on addressing a low vacancy rate for employment land, while seeking to get more from the employment land already in use.

They will also:

  • Focus on start-up and growth businesses
  • Develop a Regional Employment and Innovation District, connected to our highway and public transit network
  • Attract and retain talent, including youth, young families and newcomers
  • Improve our transit connectivity to employment areas
  • Work with Mohawk, Sheridan, Brock and McMaster to provide better access to research and development for local business

More Affordable Housing (Even Near the Go Train)

Living by the Go Train stations is convenient, but it also needs to be attainable. In other cities, these neighbourhoods are usually filled exclusively with older and established families. The City is looking to change that.

Burlington has 5 buildings currently under construction, with room for over 900 units right near the Go Station.

“The price point of these units allows our younger residents to get a toehold in the real estate market,” said Mayor Goldring.

More Growth (Without Sprawling)

Communities in southern Ontario need to be able to handle a growing population, without sprawling into rural areas and taking over.

Urban sprawl leads to:

  • Increased Air Pollution
  • Water Overconsumption
  • Loss of Wildlife Habitat
  • Increased Racial and Economic Disparity
  • “Half of our city is rural, and we want it to stay that way,” said Mayor Goldring.

“Burlington is one of the first Southern Ontario municipalities to stop sprawling and instead grow in place, something many other municipalities will be faced with in the next decade or two.”

More Walks, Parks and Activities

The City is also taking a number of initiatives to encourage a healthier lifestyle. These include everything from taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, to the neighbourhood rink program, to simply making the city more walkable and bike-able.

“We will ensure every resident lives within a short distance of parks or recreational spaces, creating multi-use parks and green space, and supporting the Bruce Trail.”

More Access to Healthcare

Easy access to quality healthcare is still one of the meter sticks any community should measure itself by.

Burlington recently took another step forward, by committing $60 million to the redevelopment and expansion of Joseph Brant Hospital. The facility already treats over 250,000 patients each year. When construction of the tower is complete in 2017, it will house 172 acute inpatient beds, a new emergency department, a larger cancer clinic, nine new operating rooms, as well as expanded medical, surgical and outpatient services.

Come See Our Present and Join Our Future

You don’t have to wait until 2040. Come see why Burlington was named the top midsized city in Canada by Moneysense Magazine 3 years in a row (we plan to win it again and again for the next 40 years).

Let us show you which neighbourhood in Burlington is perfect for you. Click here to browse our current listings, or click here to contact us.

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