4 Things That May Be Keeping You From Leaving Toronto

Toronto is a tough city to break up with… even when you’ve fallen out of love. Even when you know you can find a better life elsewhere.

Every logical bone in your body has decided it’s time to leave Toronto. But your heart still wants to stay. Should we listen to these feelings of hesitation? Are they just cold feet, or something more substantial?
Let’s take a look at 4 popular reasons to stay in Toronto, to see if they’re worth stinking around for.

Your Job

T.O Money= Mo Money. Yes, you probably command a higher wage in Toronto. But, what if you could move your Toronto-salary to a more affordable area and commute into the city?
Trust us: The morning Go Train is a more relaxed environment than a “breathing room only” TTC ride. You may actually spend less time commuting. Plus, in the evenings, you will love coming home to a nice big yard to relax in.
Also, your job is more mobile than you think. If you’ve put in a few trusted years, you can convince your employers to let you work remotely. That would mean you only have to commute a few days a week.

The Food

Toronto has incredible restaurants, and another one is going to open this weekend…And the weekend after that.And the weekend after that.
Toronto’s food goes way beyond great restaurants. It’s the bakeries, food trucks, cupcake shops and things you haven’t even heard of yet. Nobody can deny Toronto’s incredible citywide menu. But should it be a deal breaker?
Even the foodiest of foodies find happiness outside the city. Many reinvent their passion by cooking at home. These people save a tonne of money and quickly build a reputation for hosting the best dinner parties.
You can still grab lunch in the city, if you’re commuting. You can also pick up some of the city’s best takeout and bring it home with you for supper.

The Lifestyle

The country’s best, clubs, pubs, galleries, museums and theatres live in Toronto. That makes for an amazing lifestyle… if you take advantage of it.
But, you reach a point in your life where you stop going out every weekend. You’re now paying Toronto-prices, without doing Toronto-stuff. If you’re spending more weekends on Netflix, you’re probably spending too much money on rent.
If you find yourself going out less, ask yourself if you would be happier elsewhere.

The Sports

We know. This one is even harder to give up, now that the Blue Jays are relevant again.
What sports fan wouldn’t want to live in the home of the Jays, Leafs, FC, Raptors, Argos, and Marlies?But, unless you’re a season ticket holder, you don’t need to live in the city to follow your teams.
Consider living outside the city and traveling back for a couple of games a month. It makes a lot more financial sense, while still giving you easy access to live games.

Need Help Moving on?

You can still be friends with Toronto, without being committed.
Consider moving a short drive away to an exciting and thriving city like Burlington. MoneySenseMagazine recently named Burlington the#1 Midsize City in Canada, for the third time.
See what Burlington has to offer. Click here to browse Burlington’s listings or contact us.

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