Why Aldershot Isn’t Just For Older People

When my husband and I bought our house in Aldershot I knew it was a beautiful area with mature trees and wide streets and charming homes but in the back of my mind I worried that maybe we had bought on the wrong side of the tracks, a side with no children and only lovely old ladies gardening.
Everyone seemed inclined to buy on the east side of Burlington because of the proximity to Toronto. People our age with thoughts of raising a family on their minds were also gravitating toward the higher density newer areas where schools and parks are plentiful and within walking distance. I could see all the benefits in these areas but still I could not relinquish the storybook image of the quiet neighbourhood with massive trees overhanging the streets creating a corridor of natural beauty. I wanted to be able to walk to both the lake and local shops, and in aldershot I can do that. We can grab a coffee and then head down to see the trumpeter swans. We are a 10 minute walk in one direction to the Aldershot GO station and 15 minutes in the other to the Royal Botanical Gardens (where tiny birds feed from my 3 year old’s hands). I can take a trip back in time and have lunch at Easterbrooks, the 2nd oldest hot dog stand in Canada, and then go to one of the only old-fashioned walk-up Dairy Queens still in existence for dessert.
We love our house but it’s the neighbourhood that feels like home. Each night when I walk my dog or bring my daughter to the park (where, yes, there are many other kids) and I feel the warmth of the sun filtering through the trees I am so grateful that such a place exists and I am certain we made the right choice when we decided to call Aldershot home.
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