These Mistakes Make Homebuyers Miserable and Cost Them Thousands

You stay awake at night worrying about the house you’re about to buy, and you’re terrified you’ll regret this massive purchase.

You’re not being paranoid, you’re being cautious. This is a massive commitment and lifestyle choice. You don’t want to lament a single detail. And you don’t want to live in a house that you hate, or a house that you’re sorry you bought.

So, to avoid this scenario, here are a few mistakes that lead to the biggest type of buyer’s remorse.

Forgetting About the Neighbourhood

This is HUGE. Many people will look at the house or property, without considering the neighbourhood it sits in. It’s so much more than just a street sign.

Everyone has certain neighbourhood-wants, they may or may not even be aware of. It’s more than how close you are to schools and parks. So take a look at the whole neighbourhood and ask yourself how at home you feel driving up and down the streets.

Take note of how many kids are out in their yards playing. How do you feel about that? How close are these homes to their neighbours? How do you feel about that? Is this the type of place you saw yourself raising a family? Why or why not? Is something missing?

Don’t ignore these feelings. Being in the wrong neighbourhood is something that too many people discover after the fact.

Not Getting a Home Inspection

You may fall in love at first sight with a home, but failing to get an inspection can put you on the hook for paying to fix any serious problems with this home.

Moneysense Magazine recommends, “Just ask your realtor to schedule a two-hour (minimum) buyer viewing and book a home inspection during this time. That way, when you go into the bidding war you already have a good idea what issues come with the home.”

They added, “Also, if you think the seller is vying for a bidding war, ask your realtor to request a pre-sale home inspection. Quite often competitive sellers will pay to have this inspection so that would-be buyers can come in with clean offers with all conditions removed.”

So paying for a home inspection now could literally save you thousands of dollars, or even save you from buying the wrong house. Or it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you did buy the right home.

Focusing Too Much on What You See Now

Some buyers will be put off by a home because they hate the appliances or wall colour. Or, even worse, they will fall too far in love with the immaculately decorated and home-staged look of the house.

You need to imagine what this home will look like with your stuff in it, not what’s in it now. You also need to look beyond any superficial things that you don’t like and can easily change. Focus on the bigger things like the home’s size, layout, and neighbourhood.

Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice

It’s a realtor’s job to know these things, and know how to match you with the perfect home at the perfect price.

We know Burlington, and focus on matching people and families with the best possible neighbourhood and home.

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