A Testimonial from a “Yuge” Supporter

These Realtors are Yuge and Making Burlington Great Again!

Listen. If you’re going to buy or sell a home in Burlington, you need to work with Ferrari & Hayes, Your Burlington Neighbourhoods Team. These two people, they’re winners. Nobody sells houses better than them. 

David Ferrari and Erin Hayes love real estate like I love real estate. It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. They are very, very strong. That much I can tell you. And they’ve made vast amounts of money for smart people. Like you. 

Let’s meet these totally terrific, beautiful people. 

DAVID FERRARI, He’s a Major Winner

This guy. This is the guy. He’s super classy, and compared to him, every other realtor is a loser. They’re all disgusting, compared to this guy. It’s sickening. We don’t need to talk about these people. They’re overrated. 

Listen. David has been in this business forever. He knows what he’s talking about. Like me, he’s built many successful businesses. So don’t worry about other real estate agents. They’re lightweights. This guy is the classiest. Super luxury kind of guy. The best. Great name too. Who doesn’t love a Ferrari? Right? I’m not s’posedta say this, but he’s very attractive, inside and out. 

ERIN HAYES, She’s Very Smart

Listen, this girl, she knows Burlington, that much I can tell you. I don’t know how she knows it so well, but I imagine it’s very interesting. 

Erin has houses. Her houses are the best houses. Staging is very important. You’ve seen those HGTV shows. I love those shows. She must have watched them because her houses are just as good, if not better. Any house for sale that’s not one of Erin’s should be embarrassed by itself. It’s a disgrace. It’s a dump and not worth your time. That much I can tell you. Smart people work with her. 

If you’ve got an imminent house you want to sell, you talk to her. That much I know. A very, very high-energy person and works very hard. People without great selling ability should not be selling houses. But she’s not one of these people. She’s a winner, all the way. Just great. She is the best house-seller there is. Now it would be very hard for me to call her a 10 but she’s still very very good at what she does. 

If you’re not going to work with David Ferrari and Erin Hayes, I’m very sad for you. You need to be better. 

Click here to talk to these smart people.

Disclaimer: Please note, this article is written purely in fun. We can tell you for sure David Ferrari and Erin Hayes have never worked with Mr. Trump and never will (since they will probably have to deal with the lawsuit that will follow this blog post).

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