How’s the Burlington Market? Sept. Edition

As Realtors®, we get asked over and over again: So, how’s the market? On any given day, there are a variety of ways to answer this question. We put this video together for you to take a closer look at some trends we’ve noticed.

What’s the #1 question we get asked as Realtors®?

Hands down: Have you ever napped on your client’s couch while doing an open house?

Just kidding!

How’s the market?

This is such a HUGE question! There are so many ways to look at it. Here’s our 60 second cue card response…for a Burlington audience.

The average price of all homes sold in September 2019 was $788,755. That’s up 6% from September 2018. This increase in price could be explained in part, by the decrease in supply. There were 40 fewer homes listed at this time last year.

The market is also literally faster. 10 days faster!

While freehold properties have risen a respectable 9%, it’s actually the condos dragging us down. Condo apartments have only increased 1%.

But, the biggest surprise in our market research, was the average price in Aldershot. Aldershot increased a head turning 17%.

Huh?!? (Yeah, that’s what we said!)

In 2018, the average detached home in Aldershot was $887,849.

This year, those same homes are worth $1.038 million.

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