Remember Those Christmases You Had as a Kid? They Still Happen in Burlington

When you live in Burlington, every year is the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f***ing Kaye.

We joke, but our Christmases are amazing. It’s not just because you can get a front row seat at our parades, or because you can park for free at our malls. It’s because you can afford to live in the home you deserve in Burlington, and finally have the space to build real memories with your entire family.

Think about this…

Christmas is Just Better in a House

Remember waking up and scurrying down the stairs to see if Santa came? Waking up Christmas morning and scurrying across a single level condo just lacks magic. If you’re gonna scurry, you need to scurry downstairs, that’s all there is to it. You can’t same-level-scurry.

Seriously though, you can fit a lot more holiday cheer in a nice big house, especially if you have kids. Now that you’re a grown-up, you’ll appreciate some buffer space as you try to put your kids’ toys together while they sleep. This is particularly good when your language is fuelled by eggnog, rum, and frustration.

Having a house also means having a garage or basement to store your bigger toys like skis, snowboards, toboggans, or hockey equipment.

Don’t forget about having a nice big front yard to build a snowman with the kids. As a favour to all the fellow parents out there, I will resist the temptation to drop a Frozen reference.

Amazing Hills For Sledding

Hey speaking of toboggans, take your kids for some serious sledding fun at any of these hills that are either in your neighbourhood or a 5-10 minute drive:

  • Brant Hills Park (Southwest of tennis courts)
  • Nelson Park (East side of the park, north of Centennial bike path, behind Nelson arena)
  • Tyandaga Golf Course (At hole no. 4, on west slope)
  • Lowville Park (The hill at southwest end of the park)
  • Lasalle Park (East of the parking lot)
  • Central Park (The hill northwest of community garden)
  • Kinsmen Park (Cavendish/Melissa)
  • Newport Park (Headon Forest Dr/Newport)
  • Roly Bird Park (Near Costco)
  • Upper Middle road side (at Headon)
  • Bolus Gardens Hill (930-978 Francis Rd)
  • Aldershot High School (behind the school toward the track)

When you’re done playing in the snow, go visit one of Burlington’s indie coffee shops like Tamp Coffee Co. for a hot chocolate or latte on the way home. We also have plenty of drug stores for when you get carried away and bruise your coccyx trying to hit a jump.

Festivals, Parades and Wholesome-as-Heck Wintery Fun

We have a lot of amazing events for the whole family leading up to December 25th, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Here’s a look at just a few of the things you can do:

  • Santa Claus Parade (downtown) – Dec. 2
  • Festival of Lights (Spencer Smith Park) – Throughout December
  • Candlelit Stroll + Tree Lighting (Civic Square) – Nov. 30 6-8pm
  • A Night at Ireland House – Dec. 7 6-9pm
  • Nutcracker Ballet (Burlington Performing Arts Centre) – Dec. 7&8
  • Victorian Christmas (Bronte Creek Provincial Park) – Dec. 27-30
  • First Day Hike (Bronte Creek Provincial Park) – Jan. 1
  • Taste of Burlington Launch Event (Burlington Performing Arts Centre) – Jan. 29
  • Family Day – Winter Fun (Bronte Creek Provincial Park) – Feb. 18
  • Taste of Burlington (Do not miss! Various restaurants throughout Burlington) – Feb. 18-March 10
  • Waterfront skating at Spencer’s (Spencer Smith Park) – all winter

All of these events are amazing, and you can take part in them without dealing with the costs or line-ups associated with most Toronto Christmas events. Cough-Distillery- cough, excuse me.

See Everything Burlington Has to Offer

Of course, we are more than just a winter wonderland. Burlington can give you the quality of life your family deserves 365 days a year. Are you ready to see what your future can look like?

Start by browsing the homes for sale in Burlington right now, or click here to contact us any time.

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