Why You Seriously Need to Buy a New Home Before The Baby Arrives

We don’t want to overwhelm you with too many life-changes at once, but buying a new home before (instead of after) your baby is born can actually take the stress out of both events. Not sold? Trust us, it’s true. Here are 4 reasons it’s better to start looking at homes for sale in Burlington now, instead of waiting.

1. The Nesting Instinct is a Very, Very Real Thing

Don’t fight it. Accommodate it.

Get yourself into a home that has enough room for everything, instead of one that’s “good enough for now.”

“You won’t be able to curb the instinct,” wrote Latham Thomas (Founder of Mama Glow) about her own experiences.

“Research shows that the nesting instinct peaks in the third trimester—better to already be settled in the new place so you don’t have to sort all the baby onesies by color and size twice.”

2. Everyone Will Sleep Better

Moving a baby from one home to another can really disrupt their sleep pattern. And yours for that matter. No point of both of you being cranky and out of sorts. Do things right from the very start.

Starting your lives together in the right home can make all the difference in establishing the right routines and patterns.

3. All That Stuff

You’re going to acquire more stuff than you can even comprehend.

A great blog at Bounty.com advises that, “Babies might start life snuggled neatly into a moses basket, but a house can shrink before your eyes when you need a nursery and rooms start filling up with baby gear.”

If you stay in your old home for now, your baby shower gifts will have to be stored there, then moved, then sorted again, then stored again at your new home. You may grow to hate it before you even use it.

Trust us, it’s better to be in a new home as you acquire all this gear.

4. Because You Want To

There’s a reason you are even thinking about this. You want a new home that’s bigger, or closer to schools or work. This isn’t a frivolous decision or impulse buy, no matter what your second thoughts may tell you.

Having the things that you want and need when the baby arrives will make a huge difference. You will not regret it. You may however regret not moving, if you see that beautiful home you were looking at get snapped up by someone else. Or when the stress of having a newborn reminds you of everything wrong with your current home.

5. Because Now is the Time to Buy

The average price for a home in Burlington has spiked by $80,000.00 in just 4 months. With prices on the rise, you need to act now. Every week or month that goes by may add thousands of dollars to the price of your dream home.

We can help you find a home anywhere in Burlington. As experts in the area, we can show you which neighbourhoods are the best to buy in right now.

So click here to browse Burlington’s current listings. Or click here to contact us to ask us anything.

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