You Will Probably Lose Your First Bidding War. Here’s How to Win the Second.

Time for some real talk: You will most likely lose your first bidding war when buying a home. It sucks, but it may legitimately be for the best. 

The demand for houses is bigger than the availability right now. This means there are a lot of people who are really, really over the whole house shopping things right now. If you’re new to the market, you’re bidding against these people. They’re going to bid way more aggressively than you, because they have probably already lost a bidding war or two, and will be going all-in. 

And that’s OK. As realtors, we hate to see this happen. But it happens. You can’t really forecast desperation. 

What you can do is present the best possible offer in the best possible way. Here are 5 things that will boost your odds in any bidding war. 

1. Have the Agent Present the Offer in Person

If there’s a chance to present in person, your realtor should show up. The offer may look good on paper, but if they’re not there, you miss the opportunity to sell it. This is still a very human transaction and sellers do root for the buyer and the agent, if they see something in you that they like. 

2. You Should Be There Too

Again, this creates an emotional connection to the seller and leads to people pulling for you. 

But for more practical reasons, we need you to be on-hand, just in case changes need to be made. It’s an insanely short time frame we’re dealing with here. So you should be there, or as accessible as possible.

3. Don’t Overwhelm the Buyer With Too Many Conditions

This is a huge purchase, the biggest you’ll likely make in your life. You’re scared and you want that time to verify financing and walk through with a home inspector. We get it. But, if you’re in competition and you’re up against someone offering a similar price, but a clean offer, now you’re now at a disadvantage. Often in these situations you are waiting between the time you first see the house and offer day. Take that opportunity to brig through an inspector and make sure the home is comfortably within your budget so you feel more confident removing conditions should the situation require it. 

4. Have a Deposit Cheque, In Hand, and Certified

Sellers can’t put up a “Sold” sign unless your deposit cheque is there with certified funds. 

If you were selling, wouldn’t you prefer to take the sure thing? People want the feeling of security. So, you may lose out if you don’t have the deposit cheque ready and someone else does.

5. If You’re Told to Bring Your Best Offer, Bring Your Best Offer

“Bring your best offer.” A lot of people hear this and still expect to get a chance to improve. Nope. Sorry. It doesn’t work that way in this market. You need to bring everything you can immediately to the table, or you may not get that second chance. If one offer stands out above the rest the seller will accept that one and tell everyone else to leave. 

Often, people will lob in a more reserved opening offer. When told they didn’t make the cut they then try to come back with a much higher second offer. It’s simply too late at this point. When the “best offer” process has been explained to everyone the Seller is much more compelled to work with the people who came confidently with their best foot forward, rather than those making quick and desperate decisions in the dark.

Go Into Battle with Someone Who Knows How to Win

We have a proven history of knowing how to present the best possible offer, and know what it takes to win in Burlington. 

We can help you find a home anywhere in Burlington. As experts in the area, we can show you which neighbourhoods are the best to buy in right now.

So click here to browse Burlington’s current listings. Or click here to contact us to ask us anything.

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